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Tune Into Your True Harmonics

A FREE 5-day Immersion to: ​Unlock your Psychic Gifts and your Highest Purpose

We Kick Off
 Monday, December 11th!!

at 9 am MST

Live calls will be 1-hr and replays will be available!

We'll meet once a day on Zoom every day for 5 days, diving deep into Harmonization....To feel deeply 'in tune' with your life, your gifts and how you most intensely desire your life to feel.

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Presented by Stephanie Yopp-Robinson
with Guest Speakers
Kelly Michelle Nie & Julie Silberman

Stephanie is a spiritual deep-diver, a Cosmic travelers & a 'vibrational tuner.' Stephanie has a background as a past life regressionist, which she now calls Quantum Starseed Integration sessions. As a part of her practice, she also does Harmonic Resonance sound sessions.


She began doing this work as she herself had begun waking up to her other lifetimes and multidimensional Self. Her strongest desire and intent is to guide others in to their own Greatest Self-discovery and remembrance of themselves throughout the Cosmos, as well as, re-awakening their True Soul gifts in this current incarnation.


Stephanie recognizes her purpose on this Earth-at this time-as an usher or guide into the Higher dimensional planes of existence—what many call the New Earth. Through her work, she facilitates the anchoring of the highest Light Codes and Frequencies into the physical and energetic body that the individual (and collective) are ready to receive.

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In this immersion, we will cover...

BONUS: Sacred Transmissions and Practices

  • Harmonic Resonance sound transmission with Ancient Light Language with Stephanie

  • Nervous System Calibration with Julie Silberman

  • Embodiment Practices and Transmission with Kelly Michelle Nie

Tell me more!

The Greatest intention of this immersion is to help you embody the Knowing that you belong here. To help you become clear in your direction, your path...your dharma. To be sure of why you chose to be on earth at this time. And, to create Vibrational alignment to your Highest path and trajectory in life. Let's break that down….


Earth is going through many, many transitions as the strongly intuitive among us know. No matter how intuitive or spiritually connected you may know you are, there is a strong possibility you still have no idea what you are doing here. I know I have been there!! Maybe you still haven't experienced an unshakable Knowing of your sweetest, most joyful, most aligned Purpose. Why are you here? Who are you? Who did you come here to be or become?


Perhaps you are still…

~Working a job that is sucking the life out of you.

~Experiencing relationships that are chaotic and incredibly painful.

~Seeking with your WHOLE being to know who you are beyond the physical, "3D" aspects of perception.


In this immersion, Tune into Your True Harmonics, this is exactly what we are exploring and clearing the energetic pathways in order to move towards clarity and vibrational alignment with your Highest Joy, Expansion, and Freedom.


Julie values holistic health, music and sound healing and finds great benefit in healing the mind, body and soul through soothing sounds, vibrations and nervous system regulation. She values daily self-care including meditation, journaling, yoga, walking in nature, singing, playing singing bowls, coloring and dancing. She loves to assist others in finding their inner guru.

      "Everyone has the power to heal within themself. I am just here to help facilitate softening and connecting with our own wisdom. Trusting that the source within us knows exactly what we need and when we need it." 


    Julie is a Reiki Master Teacher, trained at the Mermaid temple of the Womb with Eliza Stephen, Registered 200 hour Yoga Teacher, trained at the Yoga Connection, certified sound therapy practitioner with Atma Buti Sound and Vibrational School and Licensed Massage Therapist from Cortiva Institute. She also has a BS in Integrative Healthcare from Metro state and a minor in wellness coaching.

      Her vision is based on love, trust and the power within. Helping facilitate bringing us back into our flow, into the sweet essence of who we are.

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With over a decade of experience, Kelly has became a leader in helping women and men empower themselves, embody confidence, have compassion for self and others, connect with spiritual practices and live a daily life of gratitude. I use energetic and somatic techniques, earth medicine, channeled harmonics, guided-imagery, inner child healing, mindset work, and other modalities in her practice. Certified NLP Somatic Coach, High Priestess, Retreat Leader, & Dakini.

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